About Your Gift

Each gift is an example of the crucial work the SPCA is carrying out every day, from animal rescue and adoption of abandoned and stray animals, to our education and animal birth control programs. The gifts support particular areas of our work, with the promise that money raised will be spent on relevant projects within that area.

Areas highlighted include:

  • Animal Adoption: finding happy homes for abandoned animals.
  • Animal Birth Control: reducing animal overpopulation through humane methods.
  • Prevention of Cruelty: covering the work of our Inspectorate including rescue and prosecution.
  • Animal Welfare Education: including talks, road-shows and education packs for schools.
  • China Outreach: covering education on animal welfare legislation, humane education for schools and the general public, veterinary and animal welfare best practices, animal shelter management and rescue training.

We pledge to honour your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. All gifts reflect the current welfare needs of the SPCA and the suggested donation amounts are based on the average costs for these projects. Gifts over $100 are tax-deductible in Hong Kong.

SPCA's caring work is made possible by the kind support of people just like you. Thank you!